El calendario mesoamericano en las lenguas otomí y náhuatl

David Charles Wright Carr


In order to provide evidence that helps to test the hypothesis that there was a relatively homogeneous central Mexican plurilingual culture during the last part of the Prehispanic period and the early years of the colonial period, the author David Wright compares the Otomi calendars, as described in the Huichapan Codex and other documentary sources from the colonial period such as Relación geográfica de Metztitlán, with Nahuatl terms based on other sources. He notes that Motolinia’s description, for example, of the Nahuatl festival izcalli for Cuauhtitlan involved an area that was principally Otomi-speaking. In the comparison made, Wright includes the paleographic transcription, and adds a phonemic reading and morphemic analysis for both languages. He finds that in large part the names correspond cross-linguistically and suggests that additional studies need to be made to find more evidence that can be taken into account.

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