Natural convection and surface thermal radiation in a tilted open shallow cavity

J. F. Hinojosa Palafox


In this paper the numerical calculations of heat transfer by natural convection and surface radiation in a tilted open shallow cavity are presented. The cavity maintains the opposite wall to the aperture at a constant temperature while the remaining walls are adiabatic. The results in the steady state are obtained for a Rayleigh number range from 105 to 107, inclination angles from 45º to 135º and aspect ratios equal to 2 and 4. It was found that the exchange of thermal radiation between walls is considerably more relevant that the convective phenomenon for an inclination angle of 135º. Oscillations in the convective Nusselt number were observed for inclination angles of 45º (AR=4) and 90º (AR of 2 and 4) caused by the formation of thermal plumes in the bottom adiabatic wall that travel and mix with the thermal layer of the hot wall.

Palabras clave

Shallow open cavity; natural convection; thermal radiation

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